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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plan B

So I started this blog in an attempt to save money by not eating out for a whole year...needless to say I BIG FAT FAILED. well, actually we had our third child and I soon realized there was no way I could cook three meals a day on the new sleep deprivation I am finally growing a custom to...blah blah..but I say that while we did manage to stop eating out, we did save a LOAD of money and I often find myself toying with the idea once again... mind you on a much smaller, less inane scale.
So here I am again, but this time I got something new up my sleeve...About 4 or 5 months ago we signed up for a bi-weekly produce delivery. The deal is that I get an email on Friday of the goods that I am gonna get and they are deliver right to my door on Tuesday is the part where i pause for a moment and sing praises to PALMETTO ORGANICS. If you live in Jax and eat organic produce and don't use these guys then you are nuts. plain and simple...ok, so here I am with all these veggies, some of which I have never seen nor heard of in my life and I gotta cook em or we have just wasted hard earned money and that is not something I am in wasting. So I have some friends that use this service and even blog about what they cook so I figured I could do the same. I will post my bi-weekly list of produce and then the recipes I make to use the stuff up...can't promise it will all be amazing and wonderful and your new favorite thing to eat, but I am sure gonna try!

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