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Monday, June 21, 2010

a cheating

so it's been a little over a month and i am not gonna lie...THIS SUCKS!!! i will begin working on my bad attitude when i am less hungry for crap i should not eat in the first place. who knew not eating out for just one month would be so freakin hard. maybe it is because i am the one that cooks EVERY meal we eat. add up three meals a day for 365 days....crap, that's a lot of i am pregnant. every day i am more and more pregnant and i want to do less and less cooking.....not to mention the cankles i have by the end of the day. the last thing i want to do is stand in my overly hot kitchen, cooking on my 25 year stove with an old, stupid timer that randomly buzzes at me, forcing me to have no other choice but to attack it with a set of metal tongs to make it shut up...only to have the buzzing noise worsen..causing my very frustrated husband to have to disassemble the timer to make it stop. did i mention that in my rage i managed to nearly shatter the glass front of said timer...and from time to time, for no good reason, IT STILL FREAKING STARTS BUZZING AND WON'T STOP!!!! ok, needed to get that out.
so one month down and 11 more to go. i do need to mention that my sweet mom did order us some chinese last week. i would feel like a fraud if i left that out...but we did not buy it ourselves, so it does not count! i could not get off my couch and she felt bad enough for me that she got us dinner. i love my mom. i was soooooooooo excited. i feared the chinese delivery man might think we had died ,considering we normally called them once a week ( i would hate to cause them worry :) but sadly when we got it, it was not that great. all that anticipation and then i was a little let down. so maybe there i something to be said for good ol home cooked meals. it's cheaper, healthier, and normally taste better than anything you could eat out.(see already started working on that bad attitude) unless of course no one in you house is a very good cook...but hey, it could force you learn. if only dave would get on that boat. i am a little worried how we will eat once the baby comes. i might starve if i count on dave to feed me the first few weeks home from the hospital. i think i will make a rule that you can only come to see the baby if you have food in hand. don't care if you made it or picked it up on the way..but it best hot and tasty, OR NO BABY FOR YOU!!!!!


  1. Man, that's rough. Dave is always showing up with such awesome food at the office that he's cooked for us.


    j/k we love your cooking too Kat. Stay strong, maybe you'll inspire us to follow suit one of these months.

  2. adam, i will pay someone good money ( or tasty cupcakes) to teach that man to cook something other than cinnamon toast. i am going to starve to death when the baby comes. maybe hashrocket will feel pitty on me and send food. p.s i want indian and sushi